Award-Winning Eye in the Sky

One of David’s earliest child-hood memories is a surreal experience of floating up from his crib and flying out a window. It must have been a dream.

David’s Airborne Cinematography now flies him around the world for everything from James Bond to Deadliest Catch.

He has flown over a thousand missions, to capture breath-taking, airborne images and Emmy Awards for hit shows like The Amazing Race, The World Series and Survivor.

Down to Earth

Some of David’s proudest moments have been on the ground, volunteering to help his community.

David’s fight against organized crime inspired him to write a book, “Help From Above”. (coming soon)

His documentary, “Sky Falling” (coming soon) features 8K Cinematography that will take viewers into the stormy skies above Deadliest Catch and down to the trenches in a war against gangsters who took over a school bus stop.

Feature Films
Waist Deep–Rogue Pictures
S.W.A.T.–Columbia Pictures
Life or Something Like it–20th Century Fox
The Sum of All Fears–Paramount Pictures
Driven–Warner Brothers
Dracula 2000–Dimension Films
Doubletake–Touchstone Pictures
James Bond, The World is Not Enough–MGM

Adidas—Argyle Brothers
Southwest Airlines—Rabbit
Goodrich—Arts and Sciences
Toyota–Paul Weiland Films
Verizon—RSA Films
Arrowhead Water—Front Prod.
Dasani—Banana Films
LG Electronics–Lunchbox Films
Princess Cruise Lines–Flying Tiger
EA Sports—RSA Films

Amazing Race—CBS
Celebrity Apprentice—CBS
The Deadliest Catch—Discovery
Ice Road Truckers—History
American Idol—FOX
The X Factor—FOX
The Bachelor—ABC
The Real World—MTV
The Closer—TNT
Hell’s Kitchen—FOX

Master Chef–FOX
NFL Super Bowl—FOX
MLB The World Series—FOX
The Biggest Loser—NBC
X Games—ESPN
National Geographic—Wild Spaces
Monday Night Football— ESPN
Indycar Racing—ESPN
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—Bravo
Keeping up with the Kardashians—E!